Steve is quickly becoming one of the most recognized new voices heading to the top of his field announcing professional rodeo and roughstock events. Although Steve’s original plan was to purely pursue a career as a livestock auctioneer, he quickly found that his new twist on a classic style created a demand for announcing in the rodeo world. 


     Steve spent several years after college auctioneering at livestock sale barns while living at the family ranch in Western Montana. In 2010, Steve announced his first event for Cotton Rosser “The King of Cowboys,” of the Flying U Rodeo Company. With most of Steve’s weekends booked with rodeos, he quickly made the transition from auctioneering to announcing full time. 

 Steve is now the lead announcer for the Professional Roughstock Series tour.  The PRS is the most extreme Roughstock events, pairing the sports top cowboys against the top animal athletes.  You can catch the 2013 PRS tour every week on RFD-TV.  Check out Professional Roughstock Series website here.


While currently residing in Northern California, Steve works in more than 15 states and travels over 40,000 miles each year to events.  Steve's twist on a classic style offers appeal to all audiences.  As a former United States Marine, Steve will grab your attention from the beginning with his patriotic pride during the opening of any event.  If you are a life-long fan of the sport, or if it is your first time celebrating the way of the west, Steve will keep you informed and entertained from start to finish.